Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pay Attention To Your Chakras

Pay Attention To Your Chakras---huh???

This is just a basic overview, because I am not an expert, but my point in saying this is that anyone can do this, and benefit from doing this type of thing.

Afterall, we don't have to go running to the doctor all the time. If you do that enough, you will end up worse than what you started sometimes. OF COURSE, there is a time and place for everything, and modern medicine has it's place.

Out of a place of frugality is how I came to discover some of these things I believe in. The idea that there may be something I could do for myself that did not require money is a great motivator. The world is so busy, and there is a bombardment of advertising for solutions to all of life's problems. Just watch television for an hour, cued into the ads, and you will see what I mean. Take this, do this, eat this, don't eat that.

One of the things that has become second nature to me is paying attention to my SELF. Not obsessing, just noticing what was going on. I am not the picture of health, I am not into yoga, but that is not required. Start where you are, incorporate the healthy lifestyles that you choose, make your own decisions.

Energy needs to flow through your body. Those chakras need to be unblocked, opened, freely spinning in order for good health, happiness, joyfulness, and all the great things about living to be present in your life. At least that is what I've read. This idea of energy flowing makes me think of pipes, and I'm not sure if it is really like this, but this is how I visualize it. The pipes are all connected, going up and down your spine, out to all your organs, your limbs, connecting down to the earth and up and out to the sky and universe. The chakras in this set up are Seven Huge Colorful Connectors that run from the base of your spine to the top of your head. At any point in this pipe system, anything can enter in, anything can exit or leak out. What affects one spot in this system, affects the whole system. The idea is to keep this whole system intact as best you can, unclogged, without too many leaks, without too many external that we remain WHOLE. Maybe you can think of another analogy, or visualize it a different way, and I would love to hear about it. I am always learning. Maybe do a search on google "creative visualizations of chakras" or something similar. Start learning about this!

Anything can interfere with this system, our energy system, whether it is something you ate or drank, a fight you witnessed, something horrible on tv, past events in your life that were abusive... As well, anything can positively affect this system, our energy system, whether it is a beautiful sunset, a loving interaction with someone in your life, a good phone conversation, a past event in your life that was beautiful, or caring. You get the idea, right? We don't live in bubbles, and our environment and the people around us have a great impact on our SELVES.

When you start thinking this way, in terms of you being an individual with an energy system all of your own, the next intuitive step is to pay attention to it. Even if you have a horrible past, just start now to pay attention to your own system. There may be a lot that is wrong with it, but if you don't pay attention, things will not ever get better. Get back to yourSELF. In paying attention, there is honor, you are honoring yourself. It's free to do this. It won't harm you to do this, I promise.

There are also online quizzes you can do to find out which chakras are clogged or out of balance, or perhaps hyperactive. I tend to shy away from doing these, as I assume ALL of my chakras are out of whack from 55 years of living and not paying attention.

So how do you do this? How do you pay attention to your chakras, your energy system? Through out the day, just visualize your energy system in whatever creative form you decide. Mine is colorful pipes. No matter what is happening during your day, every chance you get, try to visualize or imagine what is going on inside with you. Take five seconds or more to note how you feel, what sensations you have in your body, how your mood is. Is there a pain somewhere, or itchy/scratchy/uncomfortable feeling somewhere? Pay attention to that for just a moment, to it's location, it's intensity, it's quality. Then send that spot some love. I mean, visualize that your system is running perfectly fine. For me, I visualize my colorful pipes, from red at the base of my spine, moving to orange at the spot below my navel, yellow at the solar plexus above the navel, green mid chest, blue at throat, purple at my brow, to clear at the top of my head. Typing that out, took longer than the whole visualization does. Just imagine, or put the thought in your mind, that there are no problems within, all the energy is flowing through you, from toe to head, you're like a perfect rainbow. Visualize it, intend for it to be so, and it is.
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Later, you can do some research for yourself. What chakra is associated with that particular area of the body? Ask questions, and learn. One of the things that I have learned is that chakras respond to color, whether you're wearing the color, or seeing the color, or visualizing the color. Chakras also respond to sound, and there are specific frequencies that are supposed to affect (open, balance, unclog) each chakra. (visit youtube and search on "chakra sounds" and find some you like.) Certain smells can have an impact on your chakras, and essential oils are especially tuned into this. Decide one modality that you are drawn to, or something that is easy to incorporate into your life. Just decide to do something to help your self.

I have a board on pinterest  about using color for healing, and I would love for you to connect with me there. My online shop is all about wearing your healing, using color and stones and symbols for healing chakra imbalances, but I am just one of many healing jewelry-makers. Please try to incorporate something intentionally to help your energy flow! Even if it is intentionally picking out a specific color shirt for the day!

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It's possible, maybe even highly likely, that you're physically a mess. You have pains everywhere, medical issues and diagnoses. Start somewhere, is my point. Continue with whatever medical plan you have (medications, surgery, therapy), as I am not suggesting that paying attention to your chakras will solve all your problems. What I am suggesting is that paying attention will help.

My next blog article will be about my own short breathing meditation that I use to help with chakra balancing, with particular emphasis on the root chakra. I hope you are able to glean some information from this article, and I would love some feedback and comments! Please stay connected!

Thanks and Best Wishes
Mama Trep

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