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Chakras Overview: What is a chakra, anyway?

Please note: There are numerous online valid resources for information about the chakras (613,000 results with a search on for "basic overview of chakras." I encourage you to question and search as you see fit. This is not an indepth description, but I thought it might be useful to people who follow this blog for me to briefly explain about the chakras. I am not trying to rewrite the book. I will list a few key articles at the end of this post.
I plan on making this a series, as I do my own chakra work, including different tips and techniques as I go along. Please feel free to share about your own discoveries, what helps, what doesn't, and maybe we can all learn.

The word chakra means disc or wheel (Sanskrit, I believe). The idea is that there are seven discs of energy, seven main chakras, that align along the spine, from the base of your spine to the top of the head. This energy is the life spirit, life energy, or prana. Prana follows along meridians through the body (but that may be another discussion). Chakras can be envisioned as swirling wheels of energy at those different spots along the spine and body.

There are seven main chakras, and reportedly hundreds of chakras along the meridians on the human body. They have corresponding energies, and each are associated with specific colors, sounds, vibrations. (If you want, you can follow my Color Therapy Board on Pinterest.) Each chakra directs this life energy to specific parts of your body and being, including emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects, and each chakra interacts with the world around you.

The reason the chakras are significant, is that the life energy in your body, your prana, needs to move and flow, in order for the whole of your body or self to function properly. Prana can get blocked at various levels, at these chakras, because of all kinds of influences. When your chakras are not functioning properly, there are blockages, energy is not flowing freely, the chakras are not balanced, and problems arise because of these blockages and imbalances. A blockage in one chakra can cause another chakra to overwork. When your chakras are open, unblocked, and balanced, then there is health and freely flowing life energy, in all aspects of self, your body, your being, including emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

What causes blockages of prana? What causes the chakras to be blocked? The simple answer is just about anything. Remember, that chakras on your body interact with the world around you. Toxins in our environment, in the air we breathe, in the water we drink, in the food we eat, anything you put into your body; physical, emotional, spiritual damages or injuries, anything that happens to your self; overusing or over-doing in one aspect of our lives... anything that causes a disturbance in our daily lives. The importance in all of this is in achieving balance. The importance is in your intent to achieve a balance, your intent to pay attention to all the things going on with your self, to become aware of, and pay attention to, your chakras and energy system, and applying your attention to your inner self and prana.

Chakra names, locations, corresponding emotional, mental, and spiritual influences

The next blog post will focus on how to pay attention to your chakras, tests for chakra health, and depending on length, how to positively influence your chakras.


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