Friday, January 8, 2016

On Vibrations and Raising Vibrations

We are sentient beings. We feel things. We feel emotions.
We are human, and we are physical beings, and there is so much that affects us.
Each of us has a physical being that we use to walk, talk, breathe, eat, drink, yell, rest with.
Inside our physical entities, we have parts that work. Really, the human form is amazing.
Like other beings on this Earth walk, we are spiritual beings.

I think there is more to this life than what meets the eye. And yes, I believe in the "magical" things, with a faith in our Creator, and that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes I am in awe of the aspects of life that I find are interrelated. I also believe that we can never know the entire Truth about living.

Everyone has a journey, and my journey includes discovering the little truths in my life every day. So this is my way of trying to understand the parts that come under my radar. Your journey includes stumbling upon these words written here in the vast internet today.

Everything has an effect whether intentional or not. Specifically, though, I think that there are ways to assist ourselves, to affect needed changes, to get us over the hump in our growth. There are many healing modalities, many ways to raise vibrations. Some people need outside help, but I tend to focus on the things that I can do myself. And I believe that intention is the key to it all.

Using crystals and stones to help me is one of those ways. But understanding the reasons why that helps is sometimes difficult. There is science to help understand, and a lot of that may actually discredit it all. If we listened to mainstream physicians all of the time, imagine a life of medicines and surgeries. Yes, modern medicine has it's place. But consider that other modalities may help. Remember there is more to living than meets the eye. And your intention to do something to help yourself may actually be the thing that helps.

Some modalities that may raise vibrations and help YOU are Yoga, meditation, chakra healing, Reiki, energy work, prayer; Cleaning your house, reducing clutter, surrounding yourself with specific colors in your home, or wearing specific clothes; taking a bath, or a shower, using herbs, essential oils; grounding, Earthing, nature walks, burning sage.

What helps you? On the most basic level, if it genuinely feels good deep down, it has to help. I'm not talking about fake things here, no illicit drugs or Gucci bags that you must have in order to survive. No little happy pills. Consider other things that may help. If purple hair helps you feel good about life, yourself, living, then by all means, go for it. If you like your bedroom, living room AND kitchen the color red, then do it, paint away. If you like the way a quartz crystal rock feels in your pocket, then do it.

What you intend when you do something may be the key. I intend when I sit and write on this blog to help someone out there with positive energies and positive vibes. I don't just want to sell jewelry. Sometimes I fail and only one person reads what I have written. Sometimes my words are jumbled, my ideas are criss-crossed. Sometimes I fail to keep my schedule on writing. But this is how I think: I am trying. I am putting something out there that is not negative, and that in  itself is positive. I am just me trying to make sense of it all.

I intend when I make my jewelry that someone will enjoy it. I intend that it will help them in some way.

I hope so.

Best Wishes, from Me.