Thursday, October 22, 2015

Perspective And Looking At The Sky

5:18 am.

That's when I woke up this morning. I didn't need to be up, and have no clue why I was up at this time. The clock on the bureau is covered up so that I won't have the tendency to watch it while laying in bed, but this morning I peeked as I went to the bathroom. I remembered about the meteor shower, and decided I was up for the day.

I have a few friends who cue me in to these things when they happen, the things in the sky that are taking place, like moon phases, meteor showers, planetary alignments. It all affects us somehow.

The Orionid Meteor Shower is the dust from Halley's Comet that is swinging around our little planet, apparently from October 2 to November 7, with the peak last night. Halley's Comet takes 76 years to come around (next visit 2061), but this shower is just the dust of it, as it hits the atmosphere. There is another meteor shower around May from Halley's, called the Eta Aquarids.

Got the coffee going and out the door I went. Not even the dogs wanted to be out yet.

When that moment hits you, you know it.

Stars galore. No hint of the sun yet, just me in my light blue bathrobe standing in the dark in my backyard.


Really, how very small.

I am but one tiny light blue dot on one tiny planet in one small galaxy. Sure, I am valid, I'm alive, I walk, talk, breathe, cry, laugh, hug, run to, and walk away. But in the Big Picture of things, I'm just little-ol'-light-blue-dot-me in this beyond-comprehension-huge picture.

This perspective shift has only happened a handful of times in my lifetime, and most of them were while standing at the ocean. Another night sky moment occurred in 1984, August, in Weare, NH. I had never seen a shooting star, and laid on my bed that night with my arms on the windowsill, resting my head, and witnessed the Perseid Meteor shower. That night I saw over 200 shooting stars in just over an hour, then I stopped counting.

It makes me think of Bigger Things, like God, and Creation, and The Wonder Of It All. How wondrous it all is, and how alive I felt right then, because even when I'm only a tiny light blue speck, I AM.  RIGHT NOW.

Most of our modern days here are spent in front of millions of dots or pixels, and I can't even pretend to understand it all, how electronics work. But I do know that when watching tv, or looking at my phone, or even typing here, if I did that for a million years, I would never catch the buzz I caught this morning in 15 minutes while standing outside.

I have a grandson and he is two. I want him to know about all the good stuff. I want him to experience it, and have the experience to fall back on, should he ever need it in his lifetime. I want people to remember the wonder of being in this moment right now. I want people to experience it, and I'm sure some of you do. Have you? I want to hear about it, because that's the good stuff.

These dots on this screen can not do it justice. Please go out and try to catch some of those shooting stars. Orionid lasts til November 7.

Even though I did NOT see a single one, I have had an amazing day.

Best Wishes!
~~Mama Trep

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