Monday, June 10, 2013

My Pain Relief Tea

Just a quick note about this thing I've been doing this week.

Some of you may know I have been struggling with abscessed teeth. In order to get these teeth pulled, I have had to come off of my regular regime of ibuprofen for my muscle and joint pain, as otherwise I would bleed too much when the teeth were pulled. I tried a couple months ago to come off of ibuprofen, replacing with Cats Claw supplement, but this didn't work.

And because I don't give up, and I'm always learning, I decided to try ginger. I used to drink straight up ginger tea to prevent stomach ulcers way back when, a long time ago, when I was on prednisone for my illness. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties.

Peppermint helps to soothe muscles; the lemons are great for boosting the immune system; cucumbers help the liver in detoxing, and aid in connective tissue regeneration; the honey is for a mild sweetener, also aiding in seasonal allergy reactions.

I can successfully say that what I have been doing now works for me. I don't need the ibuprofen anymore. This is important to me, because:
  • I'm less reliant on a store for pain relief
  • I won't have the skin issues I have had from taking ibuprofen
  • With the exception of lemons, these are things I can grow myself
  • My kidneys will thank me
  • There are other benefits to taking this, besides just the pain relief
 So here it is, My Pain Relief Tea:

1 cucumber, washed with peel left on, sliced
1 lemon, washed with peel left on, sliced
1 handful of peppermint leaves, washed and rolled and chopped
about 3 inches of ginger, peeled and chopped fine or grated
one gallon of water, boiled
1/4 cup local honey

Put all except honey in gallon jug, and allow to cool completely. Strain. Add honey. Refrigerate. Sip as needed.

My plans are to can enough of the ingredients for a year supply, in concentrated form, so that one jar (not sure what size yet) can make a gallon. I will update you on this.

I also plan to find and try turmeric, which has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties.

I did a quick google search and found this link which is about the same. 

Have you given up on finding a natural cure for what ails you? Keep trying to find it!

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