Friday, June 14, 2013

DIY and NON-TOXIC My Mosquito Repellent

Because of all the rain this year, and frequent flooding in Northeast Tennessee where I live, the mosquitoes and gnats are rampant! Going outside to sit on the deck can be quite a challenge, in shorts and sandals. I have discovered an all-natural and non-toxic solution to keep these pesky critters away from me!

Not everything written on the internet is true! When I do any kind of research on the internet to find solutions to my particular problems, I usually do a search on or, and open at least 10 different random links or more related to the search. Sometimes, the results are straight-forward and the results point to pretty much the same things or answers. Other times, though, the results can be confusing and have varied answers, or conflicting answers. I will usually trust an answer if I see it three times. Sometimes this points to one resolution for me, and I decide on one course of action. Sometimes, I have to keep researching, or wait until later to do additional searches, ones that may be more specific, or worded differently.

In this case, mosquito repellent, I decided to shun the chemicals used (like DEET) in commercial preparations. Granted, I am not back-woods camping, I am not located in a swamp...I am just sitting on my deck in the morning and evenings, and wanting to avoid my legs getting eaten alive. I wanted to do this as naturally as possible, without chemicals, and with things that I have access to.

Here is an article on the different aspects and strategies that was helpful to me. Of course, doing your own research is recommended, based on your specific situation. This article has a list of essential oils that may be used that mosquitoes do not like. Use what you have on hand!

Based on what I learned, I came up with a simple answer for me:

My Mosquito Repellent

2 ounces of carrier oil, Sweet Almond Oil was used
20 drops of lavender essential oil
20 drops of lemongrass oil

Mix in recycled dark container. Dab on ankles or exposed skin lightly.

My Mosquito Repellent in use (oops...sticky label residue still on the bottle!)

Please note, that some essential oils can cause irritation to the skin, itchiness, redness, in high concentrations. If you notice these, you can decrease the concentration of your mix by adding more of the carrier oil to your preparation, or decreasing the amount of the essential oils added. The important thing is to use enough of the essential oils to confuse the smelling of the moquitoes, so that they do not recognize you as a good source of something to feast on.

You can also use a cotton wick or fiberglass wick to make this into an oil lamp, that will burn and scent the air around you with the oil and essential oils in your jar. I tried to do this (maybe you can see it in the picture) with a small piece of twine, and a washer, but the twine does not wick up oils well at all, and just burns for about 5 minutes. I have even learned that strips of an old cotton sock can be used for a wick in a pinch. The important think is to separate the burning wick with enough space so that the heat from the flame will not cause your jar or bottle to burst. Oh dear! Please don't do that! Take your own precautions, please and do a little more research.

Fat Cat is investigating...

Here and here are two articles on how to make your own oil lamps out of bottles, mason jars, and even rocks, with minimal supplies. This is a definite must do project in my future!

So there you have it! My Mosquito Repellant! This works quite well, as I have not had a single mosquito bite all week since I mixed this up and have been using it!

As always, Best Wishes!

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