Saturday, May 18, 2013

Confidence and Yogurt!

Yogurt from the crock pot! So, so easy!
My little one is on antibiotics for 2 weeks, and has been eating store-bought yogurt to counteract some side effects, and I finally broke down and made some yogurt! I really thought it would be more complicated, but it is so easy. I made a gallon! WOW!

One of my favorite things I use in my quest for independence and self-sustainability is the internet, because I learn so much. Money Saving Mom and Keeper of the Home both have wonderful blog posts about making crock pot yogurt, with recipe, techniques and pictures, and so I won't go into that here. (Just click on those links to see their posts.) The internet is great for all of the ideas you can get, all the knowledge available, but without action and experience, it really is all just stuff in your head.

My amazement comes from actually doing this project that I have put off for so long. I really wish I had done this years ago. I remember looking in stores for kitchen gadgets, looking for a special appliance that would make yogurt. There probably is such an appliance out there somewhere, but I don't need it anymore. I have my crock pot! I am amazed at how little time it actually took (only about 20 minutes of my time, aside from the actual waiting). I'm thrilled and relieved that it's done, and that it worked! And that I didn't burn anything! I now have a new skill that I can bring into the future, so come what may, I can make yogurt. If you are younger than me, love yogurt, and have a crock pot, take heed! Do this for yourself! Do it sooner than later!

Here's a few more pics of my yogurt, with some things I learned.

1. A gallon of whole milk weighs 8.6 pounds.
2. A gallon of HOT MILK feels like it weighs 86 pounds, because you have to take such care not to get burned. Take this into consideration when planning how much yogurt to make.
3. I don't like plain yogurt. Maybe you do, but I don't.

4. But I do love strawberry yogurt, as does most of my family.

5. I blended whole strawberries (previously frozen) with sugar, but next time, I will use some local honey

6. You are supposed to save out a half cup of the finished plain yogurt, so that you can start your next batch. I forgot to do this, so I will have to buy some plain yogurt again next time.

7. I miss being in New England where Stoneyfield Farms is. If you have the chance to visit there, do it! If you ever see their yogurt on the shelf, try it! I will hunt down some of their yogurt to start my next batch at home!

So what have you been putting off trying to do? 
There is a process that many times doesn't get completed, in my life anyway:
And I would like to encourage everyone to DO something you've been thinking about trying for way too long.

Best Wishes!
from Mama Trep


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